Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness Undefined

Happiness :- Word web Dictionary (installed on my pc) defines it as-

State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy


Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being.

I usually do not get upset with the things happening around me and most of the time i feel content with whatever i have got. But sometimes, Being Human, My mind starts demanding for more and consequently my heart feels helpless, then expresses that helplessness on my face something similar to this clown below

Several times i have felt this way, which makes me poke my nose into friends' life and i don't know why i feel they are much happier than me.. I know.. I know You must be thinking of a well renowned proverb.

" Grass always seems greener on the other side " 

Well, this is the only remedy i use to console myself.

This time i came up with an idea, I thought to conduct a survey kind of thing with my friends so that i can know what makes them happy, whats that hidden treasure which i was unable to find.

I called few of my friends and asked them one simple question with a hope that their answers to this question may give me some hopes about how to be happy or how happiness can be attained. And the Question was :- 


As expected everyone for the time being ran out of words. They were reacting as if they were being accused of hiding Osama Bin Laden into their basement and Obama's sharp nose has sniffed their crime, Now what to do..

After thinking for a while (may be after consulting to hidden Osama), what most of them came up was.. 
" I can not recall any happy moment but yeah if u ask of sad things i can make a endless list."

I got astonished the friends i used to think are happier than me, do not even remember a single moment of their life when they were happy the most, they do not bother to count their blessings but they do remember exactly at what time someone-somewhere had broken their heart or hurt them.

After being pushed a li'l further few of them tried to recall their best or the happiest moments of life as follows:-

-The most happiest moment of my life was when I stood 3rd in 9th standard.

-When I had drinks sitting on the roof of a moving car.. and still managed not to fall.

- I had those moments when i spent my first hard earned salary on booze and girls with my friends.

-When, for the very first time she sat on the pillion seat of my bike, holding me tight and we were flying.

- When my daughter came into this beautiful world and I held her in my arms for the very first time.. that was the most happiest moment of my life.

The very next day one of friends asked the same question to her housemaid  and her story went something like this..

10:40 PM

Someone is knocking hard on the door of semi-concrete house (roof of which clearly suggests that inhabitant of this house never go to bed without saying prayers to god about not to rain in the night while sleeping at least) , in a manner as if trying to break it open with force. A woman of around 25 in age, wrapped in low quality cotton saree with filthy blouse opens the gate and finds a man in his mid forties struggling hard to stand on his feet with half empty bottle in one hand. Stains and the smell from his clothes is indicating that he has just returned from the trip to sewage.

She guides his entry by holding him from the arm and as soon as he gets in, he starts yelling at her with all those abusing words which do not spare even a single family member from her maternal as well as paternal side, Listening to which Manu, their daughter, wakes up frightened. and immediately goes to small area which they call it as kitchen to fetch a glass of water for his angry father. Woman starts preparing his plate of dinner and as soon as she brings the plate near him, He throws the plate with stroke of his arm.

Manu, being scared, hesitates to go near to his father and hides herself behind her mother. In the mean time when he is done with all those abusing words (which he has repeated almost ten times without even taking breath) starts taking out his Belt from the pants.


It was the very first night since they got married that he put the belt directly into the almirah as soon as he removed it from his pants. 

...and her housemaid said.. This was the MOST HAPPIEST moment of her entire life.

I do not know whether You have got the real meaning of happiness or not but for Me... Since then many things has been changed.. I have started enjoying every single moment of my life and I have learnt to count my blessings. and one question for you too..
What was the most happiest moment of your life? ;-)

“Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Thank You
A.D. Arora.


reeti said...


Anonymous said...

well, a very appreciable attempt to describe happiness....happiness has irony in its meaning it self... and d picture attached is just awesome.. well a nice photography too... and last but not d least first time in your piece of writing i smelt the essence of maturity.. the day isn't far.. when you will gona become which we aspired... waaaoovv the day... "o... that book,nice one, won many awards.. .. nd dis writer is stupendous.. , well ehhmm ehhmm.. 'AMAN ARORA' best friend hai mera.. sala kameena tha ek no ka.. hahaha..." ....

Neha said...

hmmmmm wat shud i say???
my most happiest moment- it wz d same day i cried 4m my heart....
d day wen i saw u, den ma dad, ma mom nd ma liltle sis... hmmmmm after 6 months of long period... instead of being happy, i cried...
whenever i think about dat day,, i start crying nw evn...
loveliest day of ma lyf...
or ab??
ab toh aadat si h mujh ko aise jeene kiiiii:p:p

Hrithika said...

its amazing.!

srujana said...

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