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13th April, 2006 ; 00:00 

"Hello.. Hello.. ", He said But did not get any Reply from the other end.. And the Call got disconnected..

Again, He pressed the Green Button on his Nokia 2690 device and the First name in recent dialed was "SHALLY".. He clicked that button again and heard "Unfaithful" by Rihana as its caller tune.. ( "this wasnt her choice..." he was thinking in his mind.. )

"Hello.. Shally.. its Amit here.. Shally.. ", he said with DID-I-Dial-A-WRONG-NUMBER expression. But to no avail.. again no one spoke.. " I know, Its You.. Shally.. say something.. I am really Sorry.. please say something.. "

"Hello...?" She said after a long pause... Her heart was pounding very fast.. and this was the Third drop from her eye..which  fell on the keypad of her laptop.

"Who Amit??", She continued with firmness in her voice.

"Shally.. Amit.. Me.. Dunn you REMEMBER..? ", He replied in an apologetic note

"No..!!" and she disconnected the call..

  and he put the reminder on snooze.


                       ONE YEAR AGO

13th April 2005; 00:00

"Hi Amit  ", Shally said as soon as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Love..!!, Wish you very Happy Anniversary..", He said with smile on his face.

"Hey you remember it!! you know what.. I LOVE YOU, Amit.." she replied feeling content.

"Love you too darling.. How could I forgot.. 13th of April.. the day when you officialy said YES ...  anyways  now go to sleep.. Do YOU remember we need to meet in the morning.. Sharp 9:30"
"Yup Yup Sir.. I do.. So. Good Night.. See you in the morning.. " and she Disconnected the call.

It seemed a perfect World.. Nothing could be better than that.. Everything was present.. Love, Care, Emotions.. Everything BUT Sleep.. Eyes denied to stay closed.. Because reality was much more Beautiful than Dreams..


13th April 2005 ; 9:30

"Where are You Amit..? ", She asked in 5 MINS-MORE-I-WILL-KILL-YOU tone

"Hey Shally.. Dunn get angry.. Just gimme 3 mins and i will be there in front of You..", He tried convincing her and almost succeeded.

Ten Minutes later, He appeared with bunch of flowers in his hand.. winked at her and they hugged each other..

"It doesn't seem we have completed TWO Years.. It just seems as if we met the last day.. ", Shally said while holding his hand tight and they started walking towards restaurant

" Yeah!! and trust me this was most wonderful time of my life.."

They both took their seats, she placed the bouquet on the chair left to her and ordered for Pizza.

"Shally!! if i ask you to describe one special moment.. what would be that? " he just asked out of curiosity.

"Every Second spent with you was eternity.. n it will be.. I cant live without you", She replied with tears in her eyes.


 25th June 2005 ; 18:30

"Ma! I don't want to get married to that old guy.. Please Ma! I will study and will earn money more than that old guy whom you are selling me to.. Please MA! "  She said to her Mom while Crying hard for her life..


26th June 2005 ; 06:30

"Amit, please take me with you.. I don't wanna marry him.."

"Shally!! I will marry You... Don't worry ! I will take you to my home with me.. But Please Stop Crying.. I cant see you like this.."

"Amit!! Please save me..please.." and only tears could find the way out instead of words

"Dear.. we will leave today in the evening, meet me at the railway station.. and please smile.." He disconnected the call.

26th June 2005 ; 16:45

She packed her bag.. left a letter for her Mom under the pillow

            "MA, I am leaving this house.. and will not return back.. I always treated you as my real Mother But you...  I am sorry MA.. please forgive me... "

 and left the home ..

26th June 2005 ; 17:15

They both reached at the railway station and hugged each other as if they had not met since ages. Train was scheduled to depart at 17:45. Amit had arranged the tickets with the help of his friend.

"Here are the tickets.. put them into your bag.." He said while giving tickets in her hand and they both boarded the train.

Train started to move... Farther the train moved from the station nearer she felt herself to happiness.

" Thank you Amit, If you would not be there.. I would have committed suicide.. I wanna spend every moment of life with you..",Tears blurred her view again but this time, these were out of joy. 

"Hey don't say thanks!! You are my responsibility.. I am lukcy to have you in my life.." he said and wiped the droplets of tears from her cheeks.. " And you know what.. You look Beautiful only when Smiling ..."


27th June 2005 ; 05:30

"AMIT.. AMIT..." She shouted but she did not get any reply.

She checked in the washrooms and in the every possible compartment But he was not traceable.. She called on his number.. It was ringing but No one picked up the call.. She called again and again and again... She called innumerable times.. But No one answered.. She was Crying like hell.. Suddenly her Cellphone vibrated.. Yeah It was Amit's Text message..

" Sorry Shally!! I had to get down.. I cant return.. sorry "

  ...and her world did not last anymore.. Dreams she weaved.. shattered like pieces of broken glass.


13th April 2006 ; 00:10

Reminder on his Nokia 2690 device rang again..

      " Our Anniversary "

but this time he pressed the button indicating DISCARD.. and went to sleep again without thinking much about the whole thing..

13th April 2006 ; 16:30

"Hey Dude, come to my farm house with in one hour. and no excuses this time..", Vicky said

"Vicky, No man!! I cant come.. You know that, I dont like all those things.. ", Amit said refusing his proposal

"Damn man! Its is my birthday .. you forgot my birthday in the first place and now you are saying You cant come.. Okay Bro...." He replied in anger and seemed more like a complaint

"Oh Shit!! I am Sorry yaar.. Happy Birthday Buddy!! But.."

" Now NO BUT only move  your BUTT and come here.. You are comin' mean You are Coming, Be here in one hour,See you" He Disconnected the call.

13th April 2006 ; 18:00

"Welcome buddy!!" Ravi greeted him as soon as he entered in the farm house..
"Hey Ravi.. Wz up mayen!! " Amit asked and they both shaked hands.
"Amit!!  Take this.. " chinu threw the Bottle of beer towards Amit.

"OH OH OH.. So who else is hiding inside, come out please..." Amit enquired after watching vicky coming out of the kitchen.

" No one is hiding man!! we just Four are here.. and One is about to come.." Ravi replied with a witty smile on his face

"WHO?" Amit Asked with a confused look.

"JUST WAIT and WATCH" chinu replied and everyone started laughing except Amit who was standing in the middle with a DO-I-LOOK-LIKE-A-FOOL expression.

13th April 2006 ; 18:45

Doorbell rang

and Ravi rushed towards the door and in the meanwhile chinu whispered, " I guess She has come "

"Who She ? " Amit asked in confused-cum-angry mode.

"We have arranged a Call Girl..." Chinu smiled and passed a wink to Amit.

"What....?" Amit replied

Before he could utter anything else, his tongue froze, throat went dry, eyes popped Open and Heart started beating as if it was trying to come out of the body.


27th June 2005 ; 04:30

"Hello MOm! I am taking her home..", Amit said to his mother which seemed more like a request.

"Taking whom...?" She replied

"SHALLY.. Mom.. I talked to you last week about her" he answered.

"So did not YOU get my answer last time.. and its still the same ... You can not marry her.. We have already selected a girl of our level for you" she said furiously.

"Mom! Please, She has left her home.. just to come with me.. " He pleaded.

" Did I tell her to leave? Listen Amit.. If you think WE are nothing to you.. SHE is everything .. then do whatever you want.. But never call me MOM again.. Is that CLEAR" and she hung up the phone..

"Mommmmmmmm" he uttered but no one else was there on the other end to hear.

27th June ; 04:45

He bade her final Goodbye while She was sleeping and got down two stations before the destination.


13th April 2006 ; 18:48

"Please come in", Ravi invited her while escorting her to the bedroom.

"RAVI... RAVI.." Amit shouted and continued, " Yaar!! please let her go..! Don't do anything with her.."

"Are you F***ing Crazy?.. We have paid 25000 rupees to her.." Vicky shouted

"I will pay the money.. But please tell her to go..." Amit pleaded

" Amit !! It's of No use.. It will not pay any RETURN.. I wished if YOU would have paid 57 times Earlier too..." She held her tears back, went inside and shut the door behind him.

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Ritu said...

Poignant tale. What a sad return

shivani luthra said...

gud one aman.. Gud imagination.. actualy a touchy story...with nice turns n returns... N d best ws d guilt of d guy n felngs of d grl whch u left to d readrz to feel in d respectiv way... last bt nt d least..gud job.. Keep doing it. Ol d bst 4 d BAT..

Dreamer said...

Sad! It is really sad that he left her to fend for herself. His guilt was too little, too late. All the best for BAT.

Someone Is Special said...

A sad tale, but the narration kept me glued till the end.. Great work..

All the best for BAT..

Someone Is Special

komal said...

nice story........... heart touching.
god job

Jaspreet said...

A very poignant tale-I feel really sad when i read such tales of betrayal.
It kept me engrossed even though it was lengthy.
All the best!

avani said...

hey its an awesum story.... really good imagination

Anonymous said...

hey nice story u r a vry gud writer keep it up dude...:)

sudeep thapa said...

nice story yar really heart touching

annu said...

grt story dude .its really touchy .....feels like crying......keep writing.........

rakshya said...

its nice n touching story

Anonymous said...

niceeee....mayen rock
sad n touchy story...

nishtha said...

fr him she was jus a girl ran from home.... she wa her responsibility......guyz palhzzzzzzzz if u take d respnsibilty den cmplte t or els jus say a simple no she'll be more happy with t!!!!!!!!!!nywz nice touchin and ltz say sum hw a seemz lyk a real1!!!!!!!!gr8 work !!!!

Gourav aneja said...

hmm...... gud one aman...
nic story..!!!!!

Ms.Meduri said...

another longer posts...this time BAT has many long posts...but am enjoying reading i just enjoed yours..!!!

namit said...

well dis one again left me speechless...nice one...n kinda bollywood tale..but a real master piece ...

i blog at

esha said...

Beyond my expectations Mr. writer..keep up the good work !!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Nice Write.
Very well written :)

Anonymous said...

Chilling tale... jaw-dropper..!
In all sincerity, I pray that what you have written never translates into reality, for the world is cruel.

Anonymous said...

awesome. fantastic tale and well narrated. loved it . Cheers to you
Best for BAT.

Bookmarked your blog for further reading. do visit mine.
good luck

Sidra Sayeed said...

We must first depend on ourselves than on anyone else. True meaning of independence should be learnt hence we must always step out of our protected lives to experience the real world.
The dates and times were definitely a good idea to keep the flow in tact.

Mahesh Kalaal said...

poignant and touching ...
really an emotional impact

deepa said...

the end was realy good..

D2 said...

Sad and poignant story. I wish it wouldn't have ended like this, but then, I guess that's the harsh reality of life.
Great narration.
All the best for BAT.

Brijender Singh said...

Reading this post made me feel a tad wretched at the thought of those who are too weak to stand up for things that matter to me-and here this includes both Amit and Shally.
No mistakes,she too is equally culpable for falling prey to infallibilities and succumbing to such a heinous escape.
needless to add,brilliant writing

Kshitij said...

Yeah, sad one.

Poor Shally.. and this spineless ##%%^%^!

Good narration. A smooth story it was.

Thanks for giving me a good read. Good luck Aman.

Sweta said...

I am so angry on Amit :(
Nice story!
best of luck for BAT

Alcina said...

Oops i missed it.. :P

Ohkey deleted my last blog and made one new identity for me.. now will catch on with you..

and will read the posts which i haven't ..

You must be wondering who this girl is blabbering on and on :P..okey me Sneha-free bird :)


Alcina said...

"Every Second spent with you was eternity.. n it will be.. I cant leave without you", She replied with tears in her eyes.

I think it should be Live and not Leave.

It's a beautiful story..of course weaved marvelously ..And very touching.

Anonymous said...

nice piece.. keep doing it...

reeti said...

really touching .... gud work..
will be waitin fr next post

Hrithika said...

i absolutely loved this one.!
its so touching.