Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..and it happened last Night - II

what did that mean?? I lost You before I could actually GET You......?? or that was actually a Dream...?? :-O Will we meet again?? Shall i start singing " HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI.... " or.... (click here for ..and it happened last Night - I)

"Shit Man!! I have lost Her... ", i said in disappointment, still searching for her in that crowdy place which seemed to be the Perfect World just 17 minutes ago.

"Oye !! Chill Yaar. We will find a other Bhabhi for you... Better than her..", Dishu consoled me while putting his arm around my shoulder.

Why do all good things in life come in small pouches? and people say "Whatever happens, It happens for Good. Something better would be in store for you " so called therapeutic sentence which creates flow of good feelings after occurrence of few bad things. But will anyone go and convey my only one message to them.. " I don't need anything better than THIS.. I am happy with it..please don't take this away from me.. Please..I swear.. I am happy "

I, sitting with my head down on the table, Lost in Sorrow-land.. I didn't know what happened to me but I felt like I have got some break up kinda thing and Dushyant-Aman consoling me as if that was the last train to my home and after that.... Anyway YES!! I was feeling the same way.. Coffee tasted tasteless so as the Choco Fudge.. Neither Music sounded so soothing nor.....

" Hey!! I guess this is Yours !!?! ", Someone patted on my shoulder from behind and it was SHE holding my cellphone in her hand pointing towards me. It seemed like as if Aman Arora, ME and MYSELF are three different personalities and opened their records to match if she was the same girl whom I was crying for?? and started asking each other whether to believe it or its again just an illusion.

But No!! It's She!! the same girl, I gave consent to all the three personalities and I started checking my pockets and found there was no Cellphone, I forgot it in the loo. My mouth Wide open just staring at her, raised my Hand and she handed over it to me n went. I was behaving like as if I have got paralyzed.

My eyes started to shine and my face got its Glow back, this place started looking like Heaven again, only thing was missing- The very reason for us to stay in CCD for some more time, as we were done with our refreshment and were left with the only money( due to excessive fine) which could just make us reach home. But, She did not leave the venue, went and sat just 3 tables ahead to us- very close to the entrance. We wished she wouldn't be waiting for her boy friend.

Before anything could change our mind, Dushyant encouraged me to go to her and to exchange few words with her. I stood up.. straighten my Pant and started walking towards 49.44 degrees north. I was bit nervous but I had a reason to talk to her, I didn't thank her So there was a chance we could start up.

Seven n half steps down, I slipped, on the wet area (they had to clean half of the floor area in the venue with water to wash off the stains left by Coffee and the Broken Cup)and landed near her Feet... as if i was Thanking by touching her feet because this was the first time i got my cellphone back after being lost, luck didn't favor me 9 times before.

She stooped and offered her hand (look wise it looked like she had just dipped her hand in the bucket full of pure white milk and Feel!!! or I must mention Feeeeeeelllllllllllllll!! like.. like.. :) ). she tried pulling me up but failed. I recovered myself and again held her hand, got on my feet.

"Have a seat !! ", She indicated the seat across her. I took the position and wiped my forehead looked a bit embarrassed.

"Thanks!! In fact I owe you Two! One for that cellphone and.. ", looked down to show the wet floor.

We talked about general things, about the venue, about the taste of Coffee and about how she got to find my cellphone and about our respective names.

"Aman!! Aman Arora !", I extended my right hand towards her.

" Rachita Gupta! ", she said. Shook hands exchanged Smiles.

{ In my Mind I had started dreaming about perfect couple we could be!! about how would she call me from her office to pick her up and if I could get late, how would she make faces and finally a Ice cream would do the Magic!! }

"Hi Samita", She pulled the hand break of my dream Car.

A girl , just Ditto copy of her, except her nose - it looked like she has placed a false nose on her face with filters to purify the air she inhales. Wrapped in one piece white dress showing her every possible Curve (though few were disproportional), Her hair talking to air, walking briskly in her long black boots, reached near us.

"Hi Rachi.. ", they hugged each other and kisses were in the air..

"Meet Aman! uummm.. My newly made friend.. ! ", She said while addressing me.

We shook hands and same feelings came into action but her hands were like she dipped them into Milk with Bournvita in it.

Rachita narrated the whole story to her how she found my cellphone and how I chose a quicker way to reach her than walking.We all were laughing. Just then Aman came near my chair n said, " Bhai!! Aren't We getting late?" with a naughty though invisible smile on his face.

"Yeah Man!! I am just done. I had to thank her.." I said while pointing towards both, " Well! He is my Best Buddy Aman..Aman Bansal" They got bit confused but the word starting with "B" after his name ease the tension on their faces.

"Hey Aman B. why don't You have seat and lets chat up a bit", Samita asked Aman. but it seemed more like an Order. He took the seat and Again General talks about our respective whereabouts were started. We both felt that we Just trapped these two b'ful Fishes in the Net with our Charm.

"Hey Are You Single?? ", Aman B asked samita as he was more interested into her and I got shocked and started thinking where he used to hide all these guts when we used to talk to girls before. Well!! It seemed we have got a Jackpot.

"No! I am into a relationship", She said making her face look Innocent, like a 8th grader who got caught by her mother while watching porn and he is trying to convince her Mom that he thought its an Excerpt from the Chapter Reproduction in his biology book as a part of course.

Aman B's Guts went to vain. His heart broken into pieces and shattered in the every corner of the Cafe Coffee Day. I still felt safe but my blood has started racing fast. "what if rachita says the same" I thought in my mind. To make the things easier for us. Rachita Spoke, " Yeah!! We both are into relationship with each other from the last 4 years", While Putting her arm around Samita's shoulders and planed a kiss on her lips.

TO run away!! or to Kill them... To kill ourselves or to behave normal..To start shouting that two Lesbians has made has fool or to...... Many things made their way to our minds we shifted our gaze towards Dushyant.

He was not there on the table but near the entrance bidding farewell to one damn hot girl and both were smiling at each other.

We hurriedly reached him without noticing what these two would think. reached near Dishu panting.

"hhhhuhhhh hhhuuuhhh!!! " We took deep breath

I asked. " Oye!! Who was she?? :O " our moth opened wide..

" It's a Long Story Dude!! will tell you some other time", he said with wicked smile on his face "what about you guys".

We started laughing as Aman B. has Mumbled about their Sex Orientation.

"Love is Blind ;)"

click here for ..and it happened last Night - I

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subhashini said...

h3ya aman....nyc on3...int3r3sting..i lik3d it..k33p g0ing..

siddhi said...

nicely written up..
waiting for the "and it happened last night III" :)

Dureen$$**forever ur$**$$ said...

ohh..he he he he!!!....omg!!
tht wz actualyy awesum!!
c...thts y its said..think thrice before liking sum1 :P
he he....

jaya said...

LOve is ciriusly bling god yuuuuuuuuk!!!!!! love it ....

Megha Bhawsinghka said...

it was awesome...keep going..hope you write a book of ur own someday...

Anonymous said...

well that's life anyway continue looking for someone

Zave said...

Boy o Boy!
Could there be a better ending?
I mean happy endings are good, and yet this was great!
Keep writing!

Suprita said...

very nice aman wish u all da best 4 future :)

Suprita said...

keep writing :)

sonuthakur.g said...

yeaahh..keep rytng aman..kyuki agr happy endings na ho toh pictyre abhi baaki hai mere dost..hahahaha

Aman Arora said...

@thakur hehehehe u said it rite.. n thnks for the commnt (compliment).. my next story is just abt to come.. may b today if nt den tomaro.. :)

Rachita said...

Aman kindly use my name in good works n proper s** orientataion..... Waise dear u write quite well now... congrats......